Sunday 20 April 2014

South Coast Slam Photos

Yesterday I was at the South Coast Slam Pinball and Arcade event at Worthing, UK. I took my Fire Truck, Hang-On and Centipede along for the show and they all seemed popular throughout the day. There was an awesome selection or classic and rare machines along with tons of Pinballs that I know very little about :)

I only took a few (bad!) photos and a short video of Fire Truck being played. I was very happy with how much use Fire Truck got played, It had  over 500 credits put in on just the Saturday, and a whole range of young and old people were playing it.

My cabs being loaded on Friday morning.

Saturday before the show opened

Saturday before the show opened
Arcade section in full swing
Fire Truck being played by the brothers that inspired the start of restoration back on the UKVAC forum in early 2013. Cheers, Mart and Nick. Hope you had fun playing it!

Pinballs in action
More Pinballs