Thursday 15 August 2013

Pole Position. Prepare to Qualify...

Well I've jumped the gun a bit and got myself a PP board from Mark at I say jumping the gun only because the other parts on the cab are are not finished but anyway. Everything fired up OK with the exception of the Audio, it is coming through both speakers but it sounds heavily attenuated so I have some work to do to hunt down what wrong on the audio amp side of things. My monitor still requires further adjustment to get some more width out of the game image but as a 1 hour test session tonight I'm happy :)

Sunday 11 August 2013

Pole Position. Small update.

Small update to my Pole Position cab. I finally had a bit of spare time to sort the coin box and the service panel out. A quick respray and a clean of the wiring loom and counters.

Finished Coin box photo 1

Finished Coin box photo 2
My list of remaining things to do on the cab now are as follows in no particular order off the top of my head:
1. Re-spray the coin door and re-assemble coin mech wiring etc.
2. Fit new steering wheel sticker to replace manky old one. I already have a replacement.
3. Renew/tidy the black formica front of the cab, as its pretty messed up. I think its been spray painted in the past and touched up all over the place.
4. Make a cardboard bezel for the monitor.
5. Make a replacement back door.
6. Fit some locks.
7. Locate a gameboard i can call my own :)

Thanks, Mart.