Sunday, 17 January 2016

Today I did this to my cab...

Today I spent some time working on my Enduro Racer cab, a couple of jobs needed completing. 1st up was to replace the rubber matting at the base of the cab.

The original stuff was dirty and worn.

I cut the new piece of matting using the original as a rough template and by placing the new matting on the cab and measuring and cutting.

New matting glued in place. Much better!

Next up I needed to look at handle bars and steering. Unlike my Hang-On cab the handle bars didn't centre themselves and were just floppy always leaning to one side. Looking in the Ops manual it really isn't clear how this part of the steering works, so I had to take it to bits...

Here's what I learnt. The main steering shaft has a brass collar connected to it, this part in turn is connected to a spring mechanism that should centre the bars. The problem with mine was that the screws that hold the brass collar in place had snapped so this part was just flapping around loose and not  returning the bars to the centre position.

The highlighted areas above show where the screw heads had snapped off, luckily for me I knew someone who could fix problem. The old screws were drilled out and then a new thread tapped into the metalwork. After a few hours of reassembling all the parts (It's tricky and there's very little space to get everything back together) the steering centres itself and makes the game play a lot better.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Today I did this to my cab...

New year new jobs to do... I've had plenty of little niggly bits that have started stacking up with my cabs, today I crossed a few off the list.

Out resident CNC master Virtvic kindly repro'd some of the fire buttons for my Jet Fighter as one of my buttons was missing and I had temporally replaced it with some thing that just about worked.

Replacement bodged button.

Vic's CNC skills made these bad boys!

Fitted to the Sticks. Very nice, thanks Vic!

I also wired a Credit switch to one of my Enduro Racer coin mech's and put in a custom 'reject' label. This is my preferred way of adding credit buttons when no decent free play option is available.

Finally for today I made a small switch panel for my JAMMA cab I'm working on, Service and Test are wired to the inside of the front door that is hinged and open up, I used some plastic trunking and painted it black, a few hole later and a bit of soldering into the loom and we have a nice little feature that was lacking from my cab.

New year layout update

Welcome to 2016. New layout for the website. As you were...