Sunday 5 May 2013

Pole Position. Gas Pedal & Metal work

Well its been awhile since I have posted anything about my Pole Position cab. I am making progress, just juggling work between all the project cabs need to get working.

I have now put a Wells & Gardner 19K series in from one of my old Jamma cabs which I sold, this was handy as it runs in 128V which the Atari Power brick provided for the original monitor.

As we've had some warmer and drier weather, I've progressed with tidying the marquee holder metal work and the foot pedal.

Below is the before photo of the gas pedal:

Original Condition of the gas pedal.

The metal work was sanded with a hand sander and then primered up. The actual foot pedal is not painted. it's just metal with some grip tape on. So after a sanding and a wipe over with some isopropyl alcohol, I put on a few coats of some primer which can be seen in the photo below. It looks really good in a matt finish, but this will need a top coat to finish it off.

Priming the metal work before the top coat.

One day later and the dry weather still with us, I added a few coats of some satin black spray, I finish isn't perfect, but overall it will do for what is going to be a 'players' cab and not some mint machine ready for a museum!

Top coat applied to the Pole Position metal work.

I also sprayed the metalwork from the steering wheel assembly as it was visible even when the wheel was fitted and it would have looked out of place if I had done the other parts and left this out.

After reassembling the gas pedal and using some skateboard griptape it now looks like this:

Complete Gas Pedal, not perfect paint but it'll do!

Here's some front shots of the cab showing the metalwork above and below the marquee and the steering assembly.
Steering wheel mount.

Steering Wheel assembly completed.Could do with a new Atari sticker on the wheel.
Resprayed paintwork on the marquee holder metal work.
I need to give the same treatment to the Coin Door and the coin box and maintenance panel which sits inside the coin door. After that I pretty much need to make a replacement back door, hunt down a working game board and start playing... Prepare to Qualify.... coming soon!