Tuesday 28 May 2013

Subelectro cab. No more rot.

With a long weekend ahead and good weather forecast, I decided to try and get the Subelectro cab back on its feet and get rid of all the remaining rotten chipboard. I was pretty much a case of using a jigsaw to cut away the damage then reconstructing the cab using new wood. I also primed and painted the new section of cab, sanded and sprayed the marquee holder and metal control panel, coupled with starting to put components back into the cab. Photos below. Enjoy :)

Completely rebuilt base of cab
Primed and ready for top coat
I decided on dark brown as the colour instead of the usual black

Mains transformer and monitor being reinstalled

Marquee section complete, cpo sitting loose. I also fitted some new rubber matting at the base of the cab which was originally there.

I'm pretty damn happy with the results so far. The G07 monitor fired up which was a bonus to say the least. I couldn't get my test board to sync up correctly but I'm sure that was more to do with me rushing to test it with loose wiring than it being an actual fault. I also made an adapter to Jamma for the Hunchback board that was in the cab which I fired up on my test rig.

Hopefully in my next post, the cab will be pretty much complete, with controls reassembled, and with any luck I'll have decided which game/s will run in the cab.

Regards, Mart.