Tuesday 10 December 2019

Atari Space Riders Pinball (1978) - Part 4

So with the electronics and mechanical parts all seeming to be working OK, it was time to give the play field and all the parts a good clean. Time to strip it down and get rid of all that grime.

The worst part of the play field was by both pop bumpers.

So this is where all the play field art was hiding!

 Putting the kitchen sink to good use!

It was a great day to dry all the parts outside

I ordered a selection of cleaning products and some new lamps, balls and rubbers from Pinball Heaven. After giving everything a good clean I used some Novus on the plastics and Milwax on the playfield. The metalwork had a quick polish too. At this point I started reassembling it all using loads of photos I'd taken fir reference.

At this point I was all set to put the legs back on, move the game in to place and invite some mates round for a game or two, what could go wrong? Being an Atari pin, my work was not yet complete...