Friday 25 May 2018

Revival: Generation X 2018

Had a great weekend as mentioned by all, nice to catch up with old buddies and meet some new forum folk! Here's a few of my photos taken across the weekend.


Off we go... Myself, Alex and Dave Flynn sharing the ride up to Walsall.

Dino fever. No they're not for sale and we can't 'just put them in the back of your car'... ;)
The Nintendo Arcade area.

Nice view from the event hall.

A well deserved beer on Friday Evening with the gang.

Place your bets, how long until the Asteroids stops working.

A few Cabarets.

the British IBM on stage Saturday afternoon.

Pinball Alley

Where the hell did Marty go to, he's an impostor...

Me topping the high score on SHO beginner courses....

Er... Mame on a Vectrex!!!

The Pacman master takes a break to play some T&F.