Friday 1 January 2016

Today I did this to my cab...

New year new jobs to do... I've had plenty of little niggly bits that have started stacking up with my cabs, today I crossed a few off the list.

Out resident CNC master Virtvic kindly repro'd some of the fire buttons for my Jet Fighter as one of my buttons was missing and I had temporally replaced it with some thing that just about worked.

Replacement bodged button.

Vic's CNC skills made these bad boys!

Fitted to the Sticks. Very nice, thanks Vic!

I also wired a Credit switch to one of my Enduro Racer coin mech's and put in a custom 'reject' label. This is my preferred way of adding credit buttons when no decent free play option is available.

Finally for today I made a small switch panel for my JAMMA cab I'm working on, Service and Test are wired to the inside of the front door that is hinged and open up, I used some plastic trunking and painted it black, a few hole later and a bit of soldering into the loom and we have a nice little feature that was lacking from my cab.