Sunday 29 March 2015

Enduro Racer. Resurrected...

I picked up an Enduro Racer board recently, bought as untested, but expected to be faulty.

Today I decided to see If I could get the game running. First thing I needed to do was check the Security processor to see if the internal battery was still providing enough voltage to keep the processor alive, I believe if this is flat the game will only ever boot to a black screen. I took the cover of the chip and was presented with a leaking battery, measuring the voltage the battery was totally dead.

A leaking dead battery inside the security processor

After searching the web for some info about this issue i came across Members on there had a whole section of files which enabled you to replace the security processor with a regular CPU, in Enduro's case a 68000 cpu along with updating some of the ROM's.

There were only a handful of ROM's on this board that had labels so I decided to go through the whole board and confirm the checksums were correct and put new labels on.

All the ROM's checked out ok when comparing them to the MAME sets, It took a while as there are quite a few graphics ROM's.

Graphics ROM's galore!

I borrowed a 68000 CPU from a spare Hang-On set that I have and updated the six CPU ROM's that were needed to hopefully make the game work.

68000 CPU replaced and Six CPU ROM's updated with new code

Next up was the need to power the board up and get some video displaying (If the game was going to do that much!) Fortunately my Hang-On cabinet has the same power and video connectors, so I would be able to see if it booted without being able to use any controls. This would do as a start...

My Hang-On cab donating Power an Video

Once connected up I hit the power switch an low and behold the game fires up and seemed to be fully working!!!

With the game powered on the Attract sound kicked in with motorbike throttle and speech which was a good sign, but without coin input/credit wiring I couldn't hear and music, I confirmed in MAME that no music was played during attract mode and then looked at the dip switch setting, there was a 'Free play' mode I changed the setting and when the game was powered back on the background music came blasting out. 

I will probably spend some time knocking together the control wiring IO in the future, the main item I'm currently missing is a cabinet...

Thanks for reading, Mart.