Thursday 3 October 2013

Fire Truck. Main cab, Work begins...

Moving on from the rear seat, its time to get the main cab on the road so it can put out some fires! Work carried out so far in no particular order.

  1. Cab stripped out of all components and thoroughly cleaned.
  2. New Leg levellers fitted and the cab had none, no doubt this had caused some of the damage around the bottom of the cab.
  3. Laminate sides glued back on.
  4. Small repair to a bottom section of the cab that broken off.
  5. New T-Moulding fitted.
  6. Top and rear section of cab re-fitted back into place with glue and original nails.
  7. New power switch fitted as the last one had been home to some wasps and I think they ate most of it!
  8. Wire loom had a bath and some new connectors fitted as the plastic had become brittle and snapped off the locking lugs.
  9. Power brick stripped and cleaned. All five fuse holders replaced as the old ones had gone brittle, both the internal metal and the plastic cases broke off when opening the holder to check the fuses.
  10. Steering assembly stripped and cleaned
Time for some photos...
Empty cab full of grime.
All the innards.
    I thought about taking the whole cab to bits but decided against it!
    After a clean up with paint on the transformer and new fuse holders
    Damage to the laminate side. New screws adding strength to the base.
    More T-Cut applied to clean the sides.
    Steering assembly stripped for maintenance.
    There's plenty more to do but things are moving on nicely, more soon.