Wednesday 10 April 2013

Fire Truck in the house! :)

Thanks to a very kind fellow arcade collector, I am now the proud owner of an Atari Fire Truck cabinet.
Originally three of them appeared on ebay a few years back as one job lot (you can see the photos in my previous post, they were from the original ebay advert)

So here it is, Atari Fire Truck. Serial Number: FT-394

The owner who originally sold all three had them in storage for years, the collector who I bought it from had also never tried firing them up. The main casualty of the cab is the the monitor tube had been 'necked' and removed. Other than that the cab was complete but very dirty! and of course totally untested. Here's a few more photo's from when I unloaded it after making an unusually short round trip of 15 miles to collect it!

Very tidy side art on this side. unfortunately the other side is not half as good.

Front view

Around the back! Power supply and Main PCB enclosed in its  RF cage.

Items I've noted about the cab so far...
* The seat is made from Plywood whereas the main cab is Chipboard, Its a great shame Atari didn't use ply for both as I expect the main cab would be in 8/10 condition.
* All the artwood is made of some type of laminate which was glued onto the the cab. In places around most edges the laminate is flapping loose. This will need some contact adhesive to stick it back together.
* The two player button on the rear CPO is broken, so I'll need to find a replacement.
* One of the main sides of artwork is in a pretty poor state, I'm not sure if it was exposed to cold air or sunlight, but the paint has turned flakey. I'm not sure about the plan for this, It will probably be one of the last items that gets attention.
* The backdoor sheet which contains the self test and dip switch info had been tucked up behind the RF cage, It has small rips where it was once stapled to the back door. 

More updates to come soon, I need some good weather so I can get the cab outside and give it a real good clean.