Saturday 2 February 2013

Pole Position Update: More cleaning and new edge connectors

I spent some time today doing a few more bits to the Pole Position cab. I got rid of the old edge connectors which had corroded pins and plastic casings that were warped and cracked. I cut the old connectors a few pins at a time and soldered them onto the new connectors, I've also used heat shrink to tidy and strengthen the connections.

New soldered edge connectors

Below is a photo of the cab with the front all cleaned up. Everything has been removed from the cab, cleaned and reassembled. The CPO has cleaned up very well, there is just one small area which has started to crack along the curve of the front, and a small area which has some marker pen on that I haven't been able to remove yet.

The steering wheel and gear mechanism have been totally stripped and re-greased. I'm finally getting excited about this cab now, I'm finally getting to the stage it's nearly ready to play.
Front view, CPO cleaned and Marquee light on

Next up is the pedal mechanism, which is working. The 5K Ohm pot measure out fine with a multimeter, as with the rest of the cab, its full of dirt, I will be stripping this down and giving is a new coat of paint along with some new grip tape for the pedal.

Here's a couple of photos of what it looks like now, the next update should be once I've completed the pedal assembly.
Foot pedal showing sign of rust

Foot pedal and its worn grip tape