Wednesday 16 January 2013

Atari Power Brick rebuilds

Part of the process of improving the reliability of my Atari cabs was to do rebuilds on the power bricks. The Pole Position brick was filthy and had been badly repaired, bypassing the original burnt out fuse holder. The final photo shows an after shot of all the rebuilt power bricks. Much better! and hopefully I've added to the future reliability of the cabs.

Atari Asteroids Power Brick
Asteroids before.
Atari Batttle Zone Power Brick
Battle Zone before.

Atari Centipede Power Brick
Centipede before.

Atari Missile Command Power Brick
Missile Command before.

Atari Pole Position Power Brick
Pole Position before. This Power Brick was filthy!
The end result, after being stripped down, cleaned, painted, having new fuse holders and crimps.

 Regards, Mart.