Saturday 25 October 2014

Arcade Garage 1.0

Well after close to four years, all the cabs I own are (touch wood!) working, Well I need a new starter for my Tempest Fluorescent light, but thought I best capture them while they all do work. My current line up consists of:

Fire Truck, Jet Fighter, Electrocoin Midi with a dual JAMMA adapter playing Pac-Land & Wonder Boy, Tempest Cabaret, Centipede Cabaret, Hang-On and Pole Position.

On the way to getting my current lineup I’ve also owned the following cabs: Lethal Enforcers, Cruis’n World, Missile Command Cabaret, Asteroids Cabaret, a Popeye Pachislo & 2 JAMMA cabs.

Photos below and a video, sorry for the lack of commentary but I’ve got a stinking cold at the mo and the vocals don’t sound too good.

ATARI Hot Wheels!