Sunday 9 February 2014

Tempest Cabaret. Let the games begin.

I've been slowly working on my Tempest cabaret in the background of my other projects. I bought the cab in non working condition, in a poor/fair condition. Both the Main and AUX boards were confirmed as being faulty so I decided to buy a working board from Mark at Retroclinic.

Working for a brief period

Cab innards when I got it

After replacing a couple of fuses in the power brick the game played. The picture from the monitor wasn't sized correctly and after a while you would what I thought was horizontal collapse, any way before I knew it, the game had died, it was still playing but there was nothing on screen.

The cab has been in this condition for nearly a year and being my current last non working cab it was time to do something about it.

First up I stripped the whole cab down and took all the parts out. I then, fitted some new teflon leg levellers to make it easy to move about, Its a shame this hadn't been done previously as the bottom of the cab had been roughed up by being moved around with broken levellers in the past.

Everything was then thoroughly cleaned. The ARII was rebuilt with new Electrolytic capacitors, voltage regulators and power transistor. The Power Brick stripped and rebuilt with a new multi fuse holder and 'Big Blue' capacitor.

The Control Panel had seen better days, it was peeled off in certain areas and rust had bubbled through the exposed sections of control panel. A member of the UK arcade forums runs regular artwork orders for arcade marquees and CPO's. I stepped in and had a CPO made up.

The old control panel had the buttons and spinner removed and then the remaining parts of the CPO were removed with a scraper. The panel was then sanded and spayed in black satin paint. After lots of careful measurements and bits of sticky tape the new CPO was applied. It all went well with no creases or bubbles.

The buttons were cleaned and refitted, the spinner assembly was also cleaned, new bushes and a new repro spinner were fitted. Overall it looks pretty good, not quite as vibrant in colour as the original, but for now it will do.

Before (top) and after (bottom)
Next up... The monitor has a fault and so does the gameboard! You gotta love this hobby :)