Sunday 11 August 2013

Pole Position. Small update.

Small update to my Pole Position cab. I finally had a bit of spare time to sort the coin box and the service panel out. A quick respray and a clean of the wiring loom and counters.

Finished Coin box photo 1

Finished Coin box photo 2
My list of remaining things to do on the cab now are as follows in no particular order off the top of my head:
1. Re-spray the coin door and re-assemble coin mech wiring etc.
2. Fit new steering wheel sticker to replace manky old one. I already have a replacement.
3. Renew/tidy the black formica front of the cab, as its pretty messed up. I think its been spray painted in the past and touched up all over the place.
4. Make a cardboard bezel for the monitor.
5. Make a replacement back door.
6. Fit some locks.
7. Locate a gameboard i can call my own :)

Thanks, Mart.